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GSR Biofeedback Monitor - User feedback

Here's what a few of our users have had to say:

"Order Rec'd and in good condition and works like a charm.
I am impressed with the impact it makes to clients from its design and size, and including the rubber protective boot.
It's a gem in itself as well as in comparison to others in the market."

Dr James Mckay

"Many thanks .. I think the meter is outstanding and practical."
Georges Philips
Association of Analytical & Cognitive Therapists
/ International College of Eclectic Therapies

"If you would like to feel reassured that your client is in an altered state before commencing analysis or suggestion therapy then we believe that the GSR Meter is invaluable for effective client treatment."
Hypnotic World (

"I have found this meter invaluable in my work.  It has always been completely reliable and helps me gauge what's going on for my clients, even when outward physiological signs are scarce."

"I received it on Tuesday and have already used it on some of my clients.  I have found it very useful, many thanks."
Dean Finn, London

"My clients are intrigued by this gadget and always want to know how their readings improve from week to week.  It's great evidence to prove that the more relaxed we are the more in control of our lives we become.  It's a great tool and I loved the fact that I could buy mine in a colour to match my therapy room!"
Tracy Holloway DHP LAPHP MNCH(lic) ANCP LHS, Bristol

"Excellent service.  Fast delivery and good communication."
Jamie Breese, Mid Glamorgam

"I purchased this model because it was substantially less expensive than the competition, and because I was just setting up my clinic anything that reduced set-up costs was a bonus.  I have been using it for the last year and I have found this little bio-feedback meter to be accurate and very reliable.  It's also a stylish addition to my consulting room."
Laurence Robertson, DHP LHS MNCH(lic), Mind Matters Hypnotherapy

"Robust and great quality - the variable sensitivity is really useful and it all looks good too."
Duncan Warner, DPH MNCH(lic) LAPHP